Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Closed Monday

Open Tuesday - Sunday from Noon until Dusk.  Kitchen opens noon.

Last food order is 6ish but actual time of closing can change due to weather/traffic.

Hours subject to change based on weather.  Best to call 242 577 3139 to confirm we are open if you are coming near closing time.

Do you close for the off season?

Yes we are closed from about mid August to late December, near Xmas.  Check out Facebook for up to date info on events and important dates as well.

How can we get in touch with you?

CALL VHF 16  -OR-  242-577-3139

You have this great big dock, are there anchoring requirements?

Yes!  Please stern anchor only!  Our dock looks really big but as you get closer to the shore the water shallows.  To allow space for other patrons please stern anchor.

I heard you don't have fried foods, is this true?

Yes,  we chose not to have a fryer.  We prefer to grill our chicken, fish and beef.  Come and try it for yourselves!