Paul John Simmons, alias 'Cracker Pinder', hailed from Lexington, Georgia in the county of Oglethorpe.  'The Cracker'  was born in 1879. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War.  In 1915, an unfortunate incident occurred. The family duck was terrorizing the neighborhood, causing a fight between Cracker and Sheriff Hickory Cartwright. In the ensuing struggle, Cracker shot and killed the sheriff, becoming a wanted man. He made his way to Florida, where he caught a schooner to Wilson City,  Abaco.  He disembarked; knowing this would be his home.

    He immediately worked his way to Hope Town where he spent his first two years.  He then settled on Lubber's Quarters where he fished (though not very well) and farmed.  He planted many Sapodilla trees, which is a fruit we use in our BBQ sauce.  A cooking fire burned from the day he arrived until he left in 1954.

Cracker had a very limited wardrobe and therefore was the first naked person many locals had seen.  He would pole into town once a month for supplies.  People would bring him meat and fish in exchange for vegetables.  The Cracker led a reclusive life.  We only have a few pictures, some trinkets, and a sweet, sweet dilly tree to remember him by.  We can still see his concrete pier at low tide and the coconuts tower over the rest.  At Cracker P's his legend grows.....