Welcome to Abaco! Great Abaco Island and its Cays form one of the largest bodies of semi-protected waters in the Bahamas/Caribbean area. It is a perfect cruising ground for small vessels both power and sail due to its proximity to the U.S. Coast (approx. 150 miles).

     In Abaco a boat is a must. Although ferry service is available to a few cays, nothing is more exciting than piloting your vessel through the Sea of Abaco. There are over 300 rental boats available…from a 17’ runabout to a 40’ Catamaran sailboat, giving you the freedom to explore all the wonders of Abaco including Cracker P’s.

     We are located on Lubbers Quarters in the Sea of Abaco.  It is a very convenient location for boaters as Marsh Harbour is just five miles west and Elbow Cay is one mile east. The small, picturesque settlement of Hope Town (on Elbow Cay) is only four miles from our dock (or a ten minute boat ride from the quaint Hope Town harbour). Cracker P’s is on the east side of Lubbers about halfway north or south. Our waypoints are Latitude N26 degrees 29.8200’ and Longitude N76 degrees 59.6900’. We have a 200 ft. dock, so there’s usually room for all. We require that you throw a stern anchor, so everyone can fit. Cracker P’s has tremendous views of the Sea of Abaco including Tilloo Cut, Elbow Cay and Tahiti Beach. If you are staying at Lubbers Quarters on the southern end AND you enjoy a hike, you may access us by road to the back beach and walk up through a wooded, rustic path up our property.   Otherwise, you must get here by boat. So, when you’re in Abaco please come to Cracker P’s, where the legend grows.